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Thread: Best add-on tow hitch option?

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    Question Best add-on tow hitch option?

    Hey all,
    I'm looking to throw a tow hitch on the back of my '03 TJ. Do people recommend a hidden-hitch type under bumper add on or replace the entire bumper with a new bumper with a hitch receiver?

    I know the under bumper means lost clearance so my perferred method is to replace the bumper, but worry about trailer height and/or strength.

    I'm not lifted, on 31" tires... boring and basic.

    thanks in advance.

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    If you go the bumper route .... be sure to talk to TMR Customs about the reinforcing brackets for the bumper to the frame rails or better yet the reinforcing crossmember.

    I have an integrated bumper/hitch/tire carrier ... pull an 8ft Tent Trailer with it, some offroad (to get into campsite from road) and it's showing signs of stress now.

    As said above ... whatever you go with, overkill will never hurt ya !!
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    Go for the bumper, if your worried about the trailer angle you can always get a drop hitch to level it out.
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