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Thread: rhino lining a TJ '01

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    rhino lining a TJ '01

    Hey... Someone...
    I'm thinking of Rhino lining my JEEP and was wondering if anyone has did it before and had some advice/tips??? And where would be the best place to acquire the lining??? Any suggestions???

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    my interior is line-xed and it is by far one of the best additions you can make. i have seen may floors done with DIY kits and professional done (mine was spayed in) and it always looks good. clean up is a breeze (garden hose and a stiff bristle brush)

    do a quick search and quite a few threads will pop up

    but by far the most important part is the prep work. you have to strip the tub down to nothing and plug all bolt holes. golf tees and tape works quite well for plugs of all sizes.

    do a good "ruff up" of the tub with sand paper, it helps the liner adhere much better

    a good degreasing is also a must

    i can't think of anything else off hand but a search will tell you all you need to know
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    I just did mine. go to the buildup thread for pictures.
    If you do it yourself plan on doing the entire inner tub. I bought the gator guard kit from car quest some. Somewhere around 100 bucks plus or minus. I tried using a roller at first but it was a pita, I switched to a paint brush and was getting better results with it. It has taken 3 days to dry in the current temps. It smells aweful and is very hard to clean up. Have varsol, and lots of rags on hand.

    Take the seats, center console and carpets out. Also take out the seat belts, will be easier to do with the top removed as well.

    The actual painting part will only take a half hour as thats all the time you have before it starts to set up. Thats plenty of time.

    Mask off the stuff you don't want done, use golf tees or whatever to plug the holes.

    All in all the hardest part is removing the seats and the top.
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    As was said. I also just did the gator guard. Payed $75. In my mind it's better then the other DIY kits. It's 2 parts, basically like a JB weld. I stripped everything but the cage. Pics in my build too.

    1. Get a decent mask (not $60 but not $2, mine was like $10-15)
    2. Sand down real good (I used a Home Depot wire brush that hooks on a grinder $8, made real short work of the prep and some sand paper)
    3. Shop vac and degrease.
    4. Plug holes with those little foam ear plugs (cheapest place, of course Princess auto)
    5. Little foam roller (3-4 incher), i just dunked roller right in the mix bucket
    6. Don't forget to drink
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