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Thread: susp. lift with 2x2 square or angle iron?

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    susp. lift with 2x2 square or angle iron?

    need to lift it a little, rear hangs up, articulates like a ford. I'd like to go 4 inches but probably wont woek well, but a 2 is a must. I'm guessing just a 2x2 square under what looks like a spring perch on a leaf? I think it used to be an old camper.

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    it loos like a torsion type spring there may be some way of clocking it around for some lift

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    that looks like an rv frame alright.... what is it now? if its just a utility trailer , i'd weld in a spacer like you were thinking. bob's your uncle, fannie's your aunt.

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    your fine to go with a 2x4 to get 4" in height.... just make it about 16" long and angle the ends. Should be just fine.
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