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Thread: steering and suspension

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    steering and suspension

    ok im asking for some opinions and clarification here first suspension
    keep in mind this is for a multipurpose rig

    4 link single triangulated or dual triangulated?

    links meeting neutral = neutral squat above = squat and below = rise? correct or wrong?

    narrow center meeting = more roll? correct?

    now as for the steering

    as close to parallel between the steering rod that goes from knuckle to knuckle and the one that goes from knuckle to pit-man is what is wanted correct?

    im just double guessing my stuff here and wanna be sure im correct before i fire up the torch welder and angle finder


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    no triangulation if you planning on doing crossover steering! You want your drag link (knuckle to steering box) as parellel to the track bar as possable. The tie rod will bee where it will be. And as for squat and roll center, dont worry about all that stuff, keep it as low as possable and make your mounts adjustable so you can fine tune it later on if need be. basically put the stuff where it fits.
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