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Thread: 95 yj build

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    95 yj build

    what I gots

    -95 yj
    -rotten floor( big surprise)
    -decent frame
    -5 spd
    -all the typical CRAP


    -dana 44 hd with 8 bolt hubs from a chev millitary tone and a quarter truck

    -14bolt corperate from the same truck

    -set of racing seats

    now the plan

    -new custom floor
    -get rid of most of the back end to make room for articulation/bigger tires
    -leave the front axle where it is and leafs for now but lifted leafs
    -move the back axle to directly under the back most portion of the tub on a 4 link
    -seats and 4 point harness ( dont like where that 5th point would squeeze in a 5 point)
    -some paint
    -sandblast fix and paint frame

    and that is it for the first part

    then the second stage would be
    -motor ( diesel )
    -better tranny
    -better tcase
    -some cutter brakes
    -custom roll cage

    im just in the disasemble stage right now but plan to have stage one done and running the roads ( with a big lack in power but 4.11 gears and some normal truck tires by april

    ill snap some pics on a decent day of what i got now


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    any updated or pics of the build. sounds like its gonna be pretty awsome

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    I have PS floor pan if you need it, pre shaped. $40
    WARNING! I am about to do something really fawking STUPID!!!!!!
    ᄅ# pɐǝɹʇǝɹ
    93 YJ- RIP- parted out like I should be

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