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Thread: worth every penny

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    Super clean and flawless. Immaculate.

    The Rugged bumpers look and prolly are gay... they seem as though they are tailored to be able to take 3 blasts from an IED....simultaneously!
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    what size are the rims
    rockin the 95 xj custom 4inch lift and 285/75/16 bfg mud terrain km2 and bds discos R.I.P

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    Quote Originally Posted by blown85xj View Post
    what size are the rims
    there 15's

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    Very nice and clean rig dude! the white lettering doesnt look so bad. your rig is one of a few that can pull it off to look good.

    the t-case drop has been covered. i think billet aluminum tj hood latches would be a nice touch since you have chrome headlight bezels. some rock rails and some bumpers will complete it.

    i wish i had more hands, because i'd give that jeep 4 thumbs up!
    how about an updated pic?
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    I like it. I know the tire thing is a dead horse, but since I have the same ones in the same size and read up on them: yes they need to be like that. Goodyear says so and they spent more than a couple of minutes engineering these tires. And yes you can get a black paint marker and make the white disappear. Once a year I clean my Jeep up nicely like that - there's nothing wrong with taking pride in your hobby.

    There are worse things in the world than a t-case drop. I do also agree that some rock rails and a bumper would really set it off.

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    to much chrome! thats my 2 cents . other then that nice lookin tj until u get some tree pin stripping then u will hate the black .
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