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Thread: 1986 Ford Bronco Build Thread

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    1986 Ford Bronco Build Thread

    So I bit the bullet, and I finally picked up my new Bronco.
    Its an 86 "Eddie Bauer" edition. It has a 5.0L V8 (efi) from a 91 F-150, 6" BDS Long-Arm lift, 35's, Rear 8.8 w/ a Spool, Front TTB Dana44, Warn XP-9500 winch, Dual Batteries mod, 200Amp Alternator, glove-box mounted power inverter, raised up gas tank, Front&Rear Bumpers with Hitch, Rock Sliders....and a bunch more. It won "Fullsize Of The Month" twice on FullSizeBronco

    I've started work on a Sterling 10.25 1Ton Full Floater Rear Diff that came with the Truck. I will be dropping it into the Bronco as soon as the snow clears up a bit, and switching on a set of 35" D*ck Cepek Mud Country tires (90% tread left) along with re gearing the bronco to 4.88. I'm also going to do a Solid Axle Swap in the front, probably a D60 or something...

    Anyway, here are some pictures as it sits today, February 25th, 2010.

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    meh its not a jeep... bahhaaha just kindding dude

    truck looks good. im interested in this build!!!
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    I'm also interested. That's a sharp looking truck, and sounds like a beast!

    Plus, it reminds me of my brother's old 1980 Bronco. He took me off-road for the first time in it, and I've got a lot of fond memories of that truck.

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