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Thread: horn relocation?

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    horn relocation?

    finally got a steel bumper and winch on the front of my xj, but the horns are now hanging low, just wondering if anyone has had to relocate their horns after installing a steel bumper and where they ended up getting moved to

    i'm thinking of just maybe moving them up and making some sort of splash shield to protect them from rocks etc...

    any ideas?

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    Un bolt them from the fender bracket and then slide the body of the horn through the hole in the bracket from the back and then use the original bolt hole but on the backside. The horn won't be any lower than the bracket, and it takes all of 30 seconds to do.
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    ^what he said, thats exactly what i did

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    horn? Mine died of mud inhalation LONG ago, and now my tire has ripped them off while flexing.

    Aside from from that, unbolt and move. Extend wire if needed.
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