OK.....some of you seen my last XJ(2dr named Wilson.....so named cause that XJ and I had a love hate relationship....always fighting with one another...lol)

My newest build is a collection of parts that I took off Wilson and a contiuation of my quest for the perfect trail rig XJ(yes Sarge there is such a thing..lol)

Anyways....started out with a rock solid 87(yes there is such a thing Sarge...lol)XJ.....purchased from JPhenoix

Then the tear down

Bumper installed
and some fender trimming

Which one of these things is not like the other....

Believe it or not...this is my Boss...lol....and this is his garage(cause mine is currently full of lovely things that my wife has decided need to go there while we unclutter the rest of the house)BTW...the other Jeep you see beside Tweeter is the boss's yet un-named project CJ that has full size cheby axles goin under it...anyways

Front end in(yes its short arm....long arm build not far behind)