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Thread: Turbo I-6 or v12 for next project???

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    just an FYI, I was looking into a BMW V12 for my old e28 they are a world of pain... they use 3 ecus factory, one for each bank of 6 cyl and one more to make the 2 others talk... parts cost for a tune up... (plugs, wires, rotors) is about $2500 last i checked. basicaly it's a pair of I6s side by side with one crank... cool? yes, unique? for sure, bigest pain in the ... ? you bet ya.

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    Turbo it is?

    If I was a Jeep, they'd have parted me out a LONG time ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPhoenix View Post
    Turbo it is?

    Beat me to it! Ive been trying to play around with the 850 for cruising around and its a nightmare so im going to deep six the v12. I have a buyer interested in the car so im going to let it go. As cool as a v12 would be it wouldnt be feasible for a reliable rig.

    Bring on the turbo!

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