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Thread: 97 Buick FWD 3800 into a CJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by pav1 View Post
    I'll try to post some pics tonight,

    The project is going to take too much time away from the kids, I still have some major renovations on the house, and I really want to be on the road before..............
    I'm in exac tly the same boat. Except I'm in too deep to abandon it now. Hopefully I'll get it on the road by the time I retire....

    Nice find.. $900 wow.

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    I had a lot of buddies with young kids talk me into finding something more complete.

    One buddy found some nice cj's for me, but I just didn't have the lump sum cash, even if I parted out everthing I had.

    84cj7, good luck with the build, I just saw the photos, looking real good!!

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