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Thread: OF4WD Trail Mapping

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    OF4WD Trail Mapping

    The OF4WD Trails Committee are collecting trails data. The purposes to which gathered trail mapping and information will be used :

    • Provides an evidential record of 4x4 usage that can be used by the OF4WD in discussions with, and submissions to, the MNR and others where legal access to the road/trail could be under threat.
    • Will be reviewed by the OF4WD Trails Committee in conjunction with MNR Land Information Ontario maps and materials, plus other resources to determine legal status or other concerns that may be relevant to 4x4 access.
    • Form an important reference that will be used by the OF4WD Board and Trails Committee in formulating and maintaining other associated material and strategy.
    • Develop a log of trail usage, trail conditions and photos. The purpose being to be able to build a sustainability argument and to monitor damage and likely causes, e.g. off trail activity but the tracks are ATV width as opposed to 4x4 width. Document it with timeframes and extent - and how it changes over time
    • Potentially form the basis of a “not-for-profit” 4x4 trail mapping product for use by and benefit of OF4WD members. This product could take the form of a members and partners only online map and guide and/or as hard copy published material (TBD by members of the Trails Committee).

    Your help is required. Please post your trail data at
    President OF4WD

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    who will get access to the data? only of4wd members?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeL View Post
    who will get access to the data? only of4wd members?
    click the link and read

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    As soon as I read this thread I went to the OF4WD website and joined...
    Jeep... Bouncy and Fun...

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