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Thread: Body lift kit

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    Body lift kit

    Hey, I'm looking to purchase a 3" body lift kit for my YJ. Anyone have suggestions of a good place to grab one of these, or even an online store?

    Any help appreciated. Thanks.

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    any of the site sponsors will be able to help you out

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    Yeah, any of the sponsors can help you out.

    Make sure you have your trusty fire wrench when you do this install though, even if you start lubing those bolts now chances are they aren't going to come out very nice.
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    Check out the Rock Spyder 4x4 Customer Appreciation Day on Sunday. You'll get to drool over a lot of nice Jeeps, meet a bunch of fellow wheelers, support a site sponsor and likely get a body lift on sale (although Jim could say for sure, I honestly don't know if body lifts will be on sale).

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    Any reputable vendor won't sell you a 3inch bl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinalguy View Post
    Any reputable vendor won't sell you a 3inch bl
    Hey victoryofthepeople,

    just an FYI, Most guys say they wouldn't run more then a 2" body lift on a jeep. its basically like your jeep body on stilts, if you wanted a little more then two inches of lift to clear some tires you could always do a shackle lift as well as body lift.
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