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Thread: RIP - DZL JEEP (Fred)

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    Rest in peace my friend. I had teh pleasure of meeting him waay back at Kevin Well's (DirtMonkeys?) place.. That was the 1st time I ever seen a Diesel YJ. A good man. My condolences to his close friends and family
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    First guy I ever met in the Jeep community.....bought flares for my YJ from him, he and the guys offered to help install them. Tough as nails on you and gruff for sure, but was always ready to lend a hand and was willing to help anyone. I miss the days of DZL's Garage, his chilli was a killer.......we'll see each other one day again, hope you have the pot on the stove!
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    wow...haven't been around for awhile...stumbled across this post...breaks my heart....remember when i met him at the old canadian tire and told him about jeepkings......wondered a few times why I haven't seen him around town....very saddened tonight...and find myself missing someone that I haven't talked to in sometime.....hope's he's still trading parts and loaning out his compressor.....was a real straight shooter and good guy....
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    was he from acton?
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    Yep,,he was[is] a top notch guy....... larger than life people like DZL will always be missed .... many parts came from his place and many LED's were left or enjoyed there in trade .......
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