Im just putting this out, I have CF (Cystic Fibrosis) Its a inheridet disease that affects the pancreas and lungs mostly. It slowly scars the lungs (after infections from the thick muchas that is hard to get rid of) Right now I am being put on the transplant list for a double lung transplant. And am currently having to wear o2 24/7. I have had to put pretty much my whole life on hold until after translplant which sadly means my jeep stays parked in the garage with no body. But thats not what Im asking.

The average life for someone with Cf is now the late 30's (im 34) When I was born life expectancy was early teens. But with all the advances in medicine and such they have exteneded this. So this being said they need money to continue research and such. I do believe its just a bad disease as cancer yet doesnt get all the fundrasing events that cancer does. The only Big knows one is the Great strides which was held just this past may.

So its just an idea out there to throw around.