Just got back home from my buddy's place, I just finished doing a rebuild on my Tranny for my Ram P/U, I fried it a few weeks ago attempting a bad bad water hole (did not know it was that deep....Tranny was not in mint condition in the first place, and took 36 litres of tranny fl. to flush out. It was not meant to be, I lost it completely and had to go under the impact socks for repair.....

The Chrysler 727 is really good but mine is 21 years old and seen better days. The Vent outlet is not exactallly in a good place to just put a higher vent tube and run the lines, its just a hole located in the bell housing at the top behind the tourque converter, I had to do a complete overhaul, plug this hole and drill and tap a new one in with a T fitting so I can run a line up to the roof line lol.

Here are some pics of the build: