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Thread: 02 Ford Focus hesitating and stumbling

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    02 Ford Focus hesitating and stumbling

    My co-worker has an 02 Focus that stumbles and jerks around when you hit the gas too hard.
    If the air is on at all, it makes this problem 10 times worse and sometimes it is a little scary wondering if you are going to make it through a left turn at a light before someone plows into you.

    She was told injectors, but I am thinking ignition coil.
    She already replaces plugs and wires and supposedly used some fuel injector cleaner with no improvement.

    Any other ideas on what it could be? or how to pinpoint the problem. She just does not want to spend the money to have the guy professionally clean the injectors if it isn't going to change anything.

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    Mines doing the same thing! Pisses me off and I don't want to spend any more money on it. I just want to drive my jeep over it!

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    Had similar problems with my daughter's 03. There was an EGR tube problem with the same symptoms and lately her check engine light has come on and I think it may have something to do with a DPFE sensor. Check out or

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