Sunday, October 3 11:00am - 4:00pm
Zehrs in Guelph~ Imperial and Paisley road

This fundraiser BBQ is for my neighbors family. Their daughter Becca, is a 17 year old who's been diagnosed with terminal cancer listed as " solid mass tumors in her liver,colon,pancreas,left lung & ovaries". As you can imagine, this amount of agressive cancer is not usually found in people of her age. Let alone one that's become so invasive that Chemo is only prolonging her life for another 4 months to a year (as per the latest reports).
The proceeds are simply to aid in the family's upcoming & on-going expenses (Grandparents of the family are floating the bills for our neighbor as she's been in the hospital with her daughter full-time & away from work for the last 6 weeks & for the forseeable future). They have a facebook group called "The Real Team Becca" which any of you guys are welcome to check out for all the details and pictures of Becca, etc.
As I've also had family members affected by cancer (including my father) I have tons of sympothy for anyone who's had to deal with this either in person directly or by a close friend / relative. It's becoming very hard to talk to someone who isnt affected in some way, so as part of that sympothy I wanted to post this up here in my small way of trying to help out a family in need.

- Jim "Silver_xj"