Picked up a '91 a few months ago thinking I could drop some floor pans in it and have a little fun. Well turns out she needed a LOT more than that. This will be a slow build over the winter as budget, time and distance allow... the Jeep is 20 minutes away as I have no garage here. Many thanks to Myles for the space.

As I picked it up;

Quickly removed the screwed-down outdoor carpet and center console. I knew the floors were done before I bought it but I didn't expect to find this;

Now there was a plate over top of the drivers 'floor' with about 6 rivets in it, but 4 of those had rotted away so it was just yanked off. After being tempted to part it out, Myles convinced me it's worth saving - but put down the rivet gun and get out the sawz-all... we're doing a frame up.

Step One; Pull the tupperware and see what we're working with;

Aw, phuck. There's some serious body issues with this. And to top that, I found 2 weak spots in the frame.

I then found the front tube crossmember is rotted too, but it must come off with the steering box section anyway.