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Thread: grinding center bore on rims??

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    seems like the concept of die grinder is beyond the majority in here lol

    you're talking about removing 0.173" I say giver'er

    after all, its a used set of rims, how many times you going to balance them? And at that little removed, if you're careful it might not even cause a problem to balance them in the future
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    a couple of swipes with a ridge reamer should do it

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    I would think that the minimal amount of material that would need to be removed would have little effect on balancing. If you were to put a rim with no tire on a balancing machine you would have to add weight to balance it because no rim will be perfect out of the box. The purpose of balancing is to account for imperfections of tire rim and the mounting of one to the other
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    persinally i'd use a steak knife, Dremell tool takes too much time.
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    I know a guy that did... he ended up with a vibration that he couldn't balance out. mind you that was on a 35" tire. why not give it a shot.... but if you know a guy.... it wouldn't take long to cut them properly.
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    I've done it with a torch on steel rims before..... lug centric, not hub centric. I've run 33's at 140km down the highway that were NEVER balanced. if you don't mind a little vib and the premature bearing failure.... go for it.
    Yes grinding them will make it impossible to balance them on a regular balancer, but you can always use balancing sand or airsoft or golf balls. I run golf balls in my wheeler on 38's and airsoft on my dd f250 never any probs.
    Go for it. they were cheap rims right? what do you have to lose?
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