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Thread: Rear Gate Holder

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    Rear Gate Holder

    OK, So i got tired of opening the gate only to be hit by it closing on me a min later...and I know there are kits you can buy to do this....but for $12 at Princess Auto and $3 at Home depot....i just had to try it myself.

    So I don't have pics throughout the process, but here are a couple of pics of it on and done.

    So there it actually opens all the way ( but I parked too close to the garage when I took the pic)

    Here's a look at each end:

    That's a piece of steel from Home Depot, supposedly to strengthen a wood fence. I had to drill the existing holes bigger, and pilot drill the holes into the fender, but it works.

    And for the Gate side...A couple of steel expanding wall anchors

    Of course you have to measure off the correct positions for the ends (with the door closed)...but all in all a pretty simple project Since the Ball end and flange are part of the little strut assembly.

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    ok Im coming over and you are helping me with this!!! lol I want it, but I think my table is gonna get in the way.
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    I dig it... Going to have to see how i can make it work around my tuffy deck lid. Btw the 2011s come it it... Bastards
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    Sounds like I need to take a 2011 for a test drive
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    Tailgates on JK's are that loose? I lubricate my tailgate hinges regularly and it doesn't move at all when it's open and I've removed the tire carrier too. I wish my talilgate had this problem.
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    It takes some serious force to open and close my TJ tailgate
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