Well I run a lot of tight trails. Quite often needing to pivot around a tree or rock on a rear wheel.

To blame is me, as I cut them like this and find it fun but that's another story

So this looks simple

Mod the mount to fit with the seat tube work and it should fit right in nice.

While there messing with lines I think I'll put in a line-lock and adjustable portioning valve

But I sure don't want to do that to my stock wheelbase TJ. So maybe its time for a little stretch, and perhaps something a little more stout than the 8.8 that has worked perfectly fine with 37's for 3 years.

Well this is 100" with rear moved only

I never did like the rear frame section, good chance to change rear bumpers I guess

Start with this

Pull the new bumper in and up

And remove to glue it together

oh ya,

Anyone got a good supplier for custom braided brake lines