Hello all, ive been a member here now...well since the club pretty much started. Ive been battling a gentic disease called Cystic Fibrosis. For those that dont know what it is. It affects secreations in your body which produces too much salt making mucas and such thicker then a person without. This in turns grows lots of bacteria in the lungs causing lung infections and scaring of lung tissue which eventually results in dealth. It also blocks ducts in your pancrease resulting in not being able to absorb food. I have to take digestive enzymes to help digest what ever I eat and in lots of cases end up on insulin as welll. The end stages of cf results in double lung transplant. I am actually just leaving Toronto general hospital today after recieving the gift of a double lung transplant which was done Feb 25th. I feel great and able to breath freely with no coughing. There is no gurantee on how long the lungs will last and when your body will start rejection. Can be a year or could be 20 years or more. Its just a chance you have to take for going on with life. When I was born in 1976 my parents were told Id be lucky to live past 13 and here I am now 35 years old. Medicine and treatment have come a long way, Although I have known many that have lost their battle to this and was too young and didnt get to enjoy much of a life with repeated hospital stays of 2 weeks to months on hand.

I am walking this year in the great strides, got my lungs just in time to be able to participate So if you would like to donate on behalf of my team Strides 4 Sean it would be greatly appreciated. It can be done online or pm me and I can give you my address to mail a donation. Lets make CF stand for Cure Found!


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