Been on the site for a bit now, and havent posted much about my jeep aside from my into post.

Its starting to get nice out now, so I can start working on it again.

I moved out here from Edmonton, Alberta at the end of March. Was with the CF and completed my contract and now in Orillia. I was working on base at the auto shop, and was working outside, so as you can imagine, it was a bit cold considering I worked on it through the winter out there as well.

Bought the jeep a few years back off a truck shop that used it as a show jeep.

Took out the diffs and switched them for some Dana 44s out of a wagoneer. The 2.5L wasn't cutting it with just 33" tires, so I decided on going big with a 6.0L. Have it mated to 700R4 and an NP241C with a super short SYE from Jb conversions.

Right now its sitting on 35s that im looking to sell or trade to get bigger tires as I under-estimated how big it would be.

With the diffs I went sprung over, with the 4" pro-comp lift springs that I had on it when I bought it. Put in a 2" block in the rear, and add-a-leaf to the front to make it level. 2" body lift to compensate for the size of the engine going in.

I just got my PCM in after being re-flashed before moving out here, so I just have to wire it up and it should run. Only issue is im not that confident with wiring and may need to enquire help from someone with a bit more knowledge on that. For the dash I got a dakota digital dash ill be running with it now, that I again have to wire up still.

Put in a sound bar as well as some front-mount speakers that are just above the rearview mirror. (ill have to snap some pics of these).

Still to come, id like to make the tailgate fold down rather than keep it re-fridgerator style. Getting rid of the roof rack and hard top and going to switch them out for a soft top and/or bikini, windjammer, dust cover (dont really use the backseat too often).

Im sure ive forgotten some stuff, but ill update as need be. Im still fairly new to the jeep world. By no means am i a mechanic, just an average joe that likes to tackle big projects.

Cheers ,