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Thread: calling all suspension geeks

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    They'd work but i'd leave those for the steering
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curt's_97 View Post
    3 years of road and about a dozen hard Wheelin trips per summer and my Johnnies are still tight enough I can't move them without a screw driver. The fk or qa1 or whatever they where 1.25"ers where toast. can't speak on the other fancy joints out there but I was sold hense why I swapped over to all Johnnies. As far as strength the 9/16 bolts held when i dukes'd it like 20 ft and sheered my 1/2" truss. Among other stupid shit I do. Lol. My 2 cents of real world experience.
    Coming from you, Curt, that's one hell of a real world ensdorsement!
    I'm glad to hear it.
    Because I have 16 JJ's on my wimpy rig.
    Admittedly, the aforementioned joints may be superior.
    As time passes, the JJ has been been eclipsed by superior technology as the erudite CTD correctly posts

    My question is, what about rebuildability?
    How cheap is a rebuild kit and how often does it have to rebuilt?

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