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Thread: factory replacement parts for bj40

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    factory replacement parts for bj40

    Buddy of mine just picked up a bj40 from vancouver, any ideas on where to get replacement parts besides the dealership? Looking for leafs and steering components. Thanks guys.
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    There used to be a guy just west of Ottawa that had a huge LC graveyard, picked up a few parts for my FJ40 many moons ago. Not sure if he's still there but I found him through one of the buy and sell papers.

    This guy has a few ads on Kijiji, might have what he needs or can most likely direct him.
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    Probably the very best place to get parts will be: They are in Texas but they have pretty much anything you need so when our dollar is good it can be worth it. I have also found a lot of parts at the Toyota dealership parts counter. If you get a good person at the counter who knows what they are doing and is willing to help they can search their old system and find out what is still in stock. Surprisingly i found a new steering pump for my '83 at A&A auto parts and it was almost half the cost of factory or anywhere else for that matter. It didn't come with the bowl but that's ok because mine is still good. However, I haven't installed it yet so for all i know it could be a POS..... lol. My point is that you never know what you'll be able to order from places like that so it's worth finding out.

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