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Thread: Ford 8.8 install, thanks to Stang's Fab

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    Thumbs up Ford 8.8 install, thanks to Stang's Fab

    Big shout out to Eric at Stang's fab.

    1st time dealing with Eric, and it will not be the last.

    So here's a little story about why it just doesn't pay to be cheap...

    After blowing up the 2nd Dana35 of the season in my 98 TJ, the 1st time at Trailfest being a showoff, and the 2nd time 10 hours away from home at Rausch Creek Offroad Park in Pennsylvania, I decided that nearly getting stuck in the US (was able to weld it up, change a shaft and limp home) was the last straw, and it was time for a upgrade.

    After hunting around the internet like any good Jeeper, I decided apon the Ford 8.8 swap.

    Simple, cheap, and can be found with 4.10 gears to match my TJ.

    So after finding a 8.8 axle from a 2001 Ford Explorer, which I traded the wrecker a scrap ZJ I had laying around.
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    I contacted Eric at Stang's Fab to supply and install some brackets so the 8.8 would be a direct bolt into my TJ.

    And heres where the story unwinds... For approx $2g's, Eric selling 8.8's with your choice of gears, lunchbox locker, new brakes and lines and all new brackets for whatever setup you need. I being a cheap Jeep guy, decided that I could do it cheaper myself, if i simply had Eric do the brackets, and I'd do all the rest... WRONG....

    So after getting the 8.8 from the wrecker, and being told they "checked it over" (remember that part!!) I sent the axle from Barrie to Burlington for Eric to make and install the brackets. About a week later, went down and got it.

    All exicted at this point, I removed the axle shafts, installed new outter bearings and seals, and a Lock Rite lunch box locker. The 8.8 had an open carrier, so I thought I was ahead of the game at this point.

    I don't know how I missed it, but we then found after doing a test spin of the carrier and ring gear, that the ring gear had a hard 2" section of rusted teeth on it... Seems the axle had been sitting on the rack at the wrecker for some time, and had gotten water in it... Great....

    So never trust a wrecker when they said they inspected it.... My guess is that since they simply popped the cover, and drained the oil, this was missed. Shit happens I guess...

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    So had to remove the Lock Rite (which by the way is a total PITA) and take the axle back to the wrecker.

    Normal wrecker policy is to just give me a replacment axle... This will not work at this point, as this axle had new parts and brackets on it...

    So, after a another week of waiting for the axle to be sent out to the wreckers transmission shop, and to have another set of ring and pion installed, I got it back... While the wrecker supplyed the parts of the diff, I had to cover the cost of the install and set up... Fantasic... more money laid out...

    Now during the install we ran into another issue. Somewhere along the line, Eric had messed up, and there was a problem with the angle of the upper control arm brackets, preventing us from installing the arms...

    An email to Eric late that Friday night, which he repsonded to right away, and he was nice enought to go out of this way, drive all the way to Barrie, and pickup the axle, take it back to his shop, fix it, and bring it back...

    Right on brother... Big thanks... It says a lot about a guy who will go out of this way to fix an error.
    And not just to say "bring it back and I will fix it"... but to actually drive for hours to come get it..

    So the next weekend I got the 8.8 axle back. Finished intalling all new disc brakes, all new lines, and drilling and tapping a hole for the vent tub.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Install was a snap, just dropped right into place... Just too bad I my test drive was the 20min drive from my old shop to the storage place where the Jeep is parked for the winter.... Can't wait to get this thing on the trails next seaon!!!

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    So after sitting back, adding up all the time, parts, and effort I put into this little project, next time I'm thinking of being cheap, I'm going to rethink it... Maybe all new is a good thing after all.
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    Nice job, have you already started looking at the super 88 kit? They claim it makes the 8.8 comparable to a 30 spline 60.

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    Great info, I will be doing an 8.8 in the near future hopefully. I like the idea of a bolt in axle with no surprises. Going to need something stronger for the V8 when the time comes.

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    Looks good man. I think I saw your tj in staangs parking lot, I have to say that's one sickk tj!

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