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    Death Proof

    Won't be any building probably till springish, but figured i'd post up. Honestly, got it for free. First, gonna put that 8274 on my heep.
    So, 74 j10 with a V8 360 and i think th400 and a who knows what, quadrawack somethinerother. Quick peak looks like 44's front and rear with a passenger drop and drums all around. Thinkin 60/14 with discs, 4.56's and 35's or 37's. Should be able to spring over the front, clock the C's and do up some blocks in the rear (factory spring over). The driver and passenger floors need some love, need to build front corner panels and the rear bed is toast. Gonna build a freshy. But.....frame is solid, all the glass/cab/roof is good (minus a door), hoods mint, tail gate is decent and the motor looks to have newish plugs/wires/distributor/hoses/valve covers/rad/a bunch of electrical/etc......but you never know. Tranny fluid looks decent but engine oil smells pretty gassy? Worst case...rebuild. Plans are a flat black/dark grey look and gonna do up some new bumpers. So hopefully incoming tow rig/backup wheeler/winter beater build. And of course...Budget! See if i can't get a mean little machine together for a round a grand. Here's a few beater pics i got. Picked up and tucked away in a barn for now.

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