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Thread: How about some help for the homeless.

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    How about some help for the homeless.

    So all, my girlfriend Geri works with organziations that help the homeless. I know all cities have them to some degree or another, but Windsor seems to have its fair share. So I was thinking about helping out an organization here that truly needs help. I will let Geri explain it, this is from her FB page.
    Geri Ann Hughson
    Street Help/Unit 7 Is an organization that runs completely off of donations, no assistance what so ever. It is a drop in center, that helps out individuals that have no where to turn, No one is paid everyone volunteers. They supply hot lunches, breakfast, clothing, s...leeping bags, Hygeine products. I spent my first day volunteering there Yesterday, and I have to say, It was the most amazing drop in.../soup kitchen I have ever been to. All of these people were wonderful. They all have there own story good or bad, these people had the utmost respect for each other. They may not be dressed to the T. But I would stand beside anyone of the clients that walked into there door. Amazing is all I can say. Now this is what I would like to ask everyone of you to repost this They need our help. This is what we as a careing society can do. They need donations to help keep feeding and clothing everyone who walks into the door. Does not matter how much what ever you can afford. Maybe you cannot afford to give a donation, well how about your time, They need repairs done, They have a washing machine that needs fixing, You could donate Bake goods, or Hot lunch. Anything, All of there bills, rent, utilities are all paid buy donations to keep the center open.

    At the same time, there doesn't seem to be much knowledge/support for OF4WD or any knowledge of JK and our principles. So was thinking about trying to combine all three, raise some money, or some technical elbow grease and educate the community at the same time. I realize Windsor is a long haul for most of you so I was trying to think about what would benefit everyone.
    Show and shine?
    BBQ Pig Roast with camping?
    I am not aware of any places to wheel around here, so that's out.
    Give me some ideas folks, what would interest you and help them at the same time, I am open to any suggestions.
    So fire away!
    I hope to be dropping by the site soon, I will get some pics of the place and see what is needed. We are all willing to help others, how about this neck o the woods?
    Just looking to see if there is any interest right now.
    Thanks for looking!
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    Show and shine events are always popular, throw in an RTI ramp and you're set!
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