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Thread: Thinking about buying a Cherokee with 4.7 v8 - need some advice

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    Thinking about buying a Cherokee with 4.7 v8 - need some advice

    Hey all,

    I've been searching for a 4.0L Grand Cherokee for my wife to drive here in Toronto because I was told that they are highly reliable and long lasting....

    I found however, a 2001 Cherokee with a 4.7 V8 that had recently been rebuilt....

    I dont know anything about the reliability of the 4.7 or how it compares to the 4.0 which I used to own in my old TJ - it was a great engine...

    Im looking for some advice - is the 4.7 a good motor? As good as the 4.0L? I have proof of the rebuild with receipts etc...

    it has 220Km on the truck total...

    Thanks for any advice/help.

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    I have one in my 2001 Durango. Lots of power, lots of gas! Mine is still running seemingly fine right around 200k and I'm rather abusive. I haven't heard much about how bullet proof they are basically my experience and what I've heard from anyone I've talk to is, the motor is complex electrically (8 coil computer controlled ignition and knock detection), they drink a lot of fuel and they make good power. I was putting 2+ SUV lengths on 5.3L short style Yukons and I have 300lb of stereo. I was also completely embarrassing the Ford F150 FX2 that was at the track that day. If you are curious I was running 16.4 in the 1/4 mile. I was getting about 400-600km/tank (91L tank) depending on highway or city but I am a rather "spirited" driver.

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    I amat 309,000kms with my 2000 GC LTD. 4.7L still get close to 500k a tank knock on wood no major issues changed plugs and oils changes on time. Still running great. Love the power and the reliability.
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    The engine's pretty good and the transmission behind it (545RFE) is much better than the one behind the 4.0 (42 or 44RE). The only issue I've seen people have is the timing chains can go around the 200K mark (there are 3), and it's an interference head design. I had an exhaust manifold bolt break and warp the manifold, but had it machined and got new bolts and gasket and it was good as new (and the bolts actually came out). Personally, I would go with the 4.7, it's a lot more fun.

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    I just grabbed a 2000 GC with a 4.7. The computer is out getting fixed and I haven't heard it run yet. I have read tons of good things about it. Pretty light, better on fuel then the 4.0 I believe the Knock sensor came out in the H.O. version. Back plugs are tough to get at but that is pretty common. Oil pan is a p.i.t.a. to get off. Watch what kind of coolant ya run (aluminum). And ya, thumbs up on the tranny. What does it have in it for an xfer case?

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    I am selling my WJ also have a NP 231 T-case to go with it
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    We have the 4.7HO in our GC and it's been great. Had it for over a year now put 25k of the 230k on it. Hwy driving can get over 550k/72L tank as it has a great od gear. City driving is same as 4.0L, but can be a lot worse very easily. The fun just starts at 3500rpm Don't look forward to any real maintenance tho as it is packed quite tightly under the bonnet.

    Oddly, I've run into a few 4.0L WJ's with bottom end issues. The one thing they all had in common was direct ignition ('01-'02?). Dunno if this is just a coincidence, but I aslo have a parts WJ for that very reason.
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    It's the same as any Jeep (that you would be caught dead in).

    The best advice is to buy shares in oil. At least then you're helping yourself out a bit.

    I miss my 04 GC Ltd sometimes. Was a great driver (though the body roll took me a bit to get used to) tons of features, good power. Terrible on gas. Probably about the same as a Dodge 1500 (same engine and tranny I believe).

    Changed the spark plugs in it, wasn't nearly as hard as some people think. Took a few hours (IIRC the airbox had to get disconnected from the TB to get all that out of the way). There's a good write-up on that saved me some time.

    Biggest thing for me was the gas. I got the same mileage in the Grand that I get in my TJ on 35s. Paid 13.5k (+taxes) for it with 56kms, sold it a year later with 110kms for 10.5k

    Reading I couldn't find much wrong with the actual drive train, most of the complaints were about the climate control if you've got it. And I will say mine acted funky sometimes like the passenger side blowing HOT air when the a/c was on.
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