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Thread: U joints

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    U joints

    hi i am looking to replace my gone UJOINT's on front axel and maybe its gone on drive shaft but i am not too sure i was lookign to get some good and cheap place to go where i can get them replaced. any suggestions?? and i got one more question i have hard time puting it into 4X4 it engages but after i pull the lever it goes on for 30 to 50 meters before it engages and same when i disengage, any body know why is it doing that ??? please help ( i was thinking might be because of UJOINTS on drive shaft but i can be wrong too )

    model 2004 jsahara

    all stock
    please help

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    From your wording, it sounds like you are wanting a shop to do the install for you...correct me if I am wrong...

    I would suggest CT Motorsports, they are in Mississauga (your location says that is where you are)...they are a site sure to tell them you heard about them on JeepKings.
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