Or the second comming of J33PJ33P

So it's time to replace my dearly departed JK and blow all that insruance money on mods.

Picked up the new to me 06 LJ Rubicon yesterday, I'll have a stock pic tomrrow. First order of opperation: get the damn hard top off (don't think it ever has been off before... it wanted to stay put.)

The plan:
off the hop:
bedline the tub
clean up some small under body rust (get em while they are small)
get the smoke smell out (gah it's infesting my cloths, driveing with the top down helps though)
staangs skid
TMR long arm possibly with a bit of stretch (I think I'll pop for the aluminum arms, Tim let me hold both and I'm telling you it's worth about the weight of a passanger)
some sort of drive shafts (probably end up with woods)
about 3-4" of lift (open to spring/shock sugestions on road ride is the most important thing here to me)
1" body lift and 1" MML to accmidate staangs belly up skid.
35" tires (thinking MTR Kevlar but MTZs are also not out of the question, opinions?)
PSC hydro assist
Rock Jock 60s with ARBs and 4.88s (thinking JK width so they can be transfered to somthing else several years do the road)

Down the road: some may happen this summer or next winter
home made bumpers (gota get that cheep chiness winch going)
Fix the bent tail gate
tera 2low or a rubi crawler (2low is cheep, rubi crawler gives me options...)
lock boxes and slide out drawers in the trunk to keep my crap from growing legs
bunch of extra lights
get my hella ecodes mounted
TJ Apex edition seats
heated seat kit once I get the apex seats
power window kit (I'm lazy and I fill up the entire space with my body... there's no room left to crank windows)
power lock kit (see pervious but skip the part about my size)
alarm (can we get the kind with flame througers in canada?)

Probably won't see a lot of acton on this thread for a while as I'm in the get quotes on parts stage. The initial build (suspention and axles) will be done by someone else as I don't have the time, space, tools or skills for it. I fix computers, I'm good at it. They built Jeeps, that's what they are good at... just makes sense to have the parts that can kill you done by someone who knows a bit more about it. That and I need to keep working and driveing, this is/will continue to be my DD so I need it done fast. If i do it myself in evenings and weekends it will be anything but.

Step 1:
get a stafty and etest so I can keep driveing. the catch is the tires are almost gone (donsn't bother me a lot as they will be going away but it may bother a mechanic)