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Thread: Plastic Skid plating

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    Plastic Skid plating

    so I've been tossing the idea of not using steel under my Jeep for skidding.....

    Well not completely no steel.

    What thoughts, experiences, suggestions, do people have about using some cutting board material (1/2" thickness) with some framing and back it up with some 1/8" plating in areas that need more protection?

    here is a sample of the material. man this stuff is light.

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    River rider is doing just that sort of thing for their aluminum jk skids.
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    Is that UHWM (Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene)? That's the stuff you want for a skid plate covering. It still needs a very strong backing so there is usually no weight saved by using it. It is popular for comp crawlers because it slides over rocks very easily, has excellent abrasion resistance and helps significantly with dent/impact resistance for the steel backing it is attached to. And when it gets too fukked up, you just unbolt it and put a new piece on. It ain't cheap, though. And stay away from the FDA approved HDPE versions of this polyethylene commonly used for cutting boards - it does not have the abrasion or impact resistance of the UHWM.

    This material is not too common on a recreational wheeler because of the cost and is really only beneficial if you are continuously beating the ever living hell out of your skid plate.
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    ^what he said...
    I use this stuff at work.
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