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Thread: Contacting emergency service while on the trails

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    Contacting emergency service while on the trails

    When contacting Police/SAVE/Emergency services while on the trails, what information will we need for the 911 dispatch? GPS coordinates are always best, but what about trail names and/or entrance locations? What if cell phones are of no use (no reception), what other methods are available to contact emergency service?
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    Good questions, looking forward to hearing the answers, I have a gps but no idea how to pull the co-ordinats
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    Great questions!

    Firstly, dispatch will likely want to get an idea of what type of emergency it is. They will then need to know location for sure. The dispatchers mapping programs have GPS coordinate capability now (Lat/Lon) so if you have that to start, great. They may not have any way to get your location based on a trail common name as such, but perhaps the road that you travelled to get into the trail you are at would help. Nearby lake names are also searchable.

    If cell phone service is unavailable (which as many of you know is ALWAYS a possibility when wheeling up north) then there are a number of options out there. There are satellite phones, although I don't know that much about them personally. There are also personal locator beacons. These are an amazing piece of equipment if you spend any amount of time in the bush with limited cell capability. They can transmit location coordinates at specified intervals to family/friends at home, they can send emergency call outs to local services (911) or even send an "I'm OK" type of transmission. There are a number of companies I believe that are making these beacons, the one that I am familiar with is called "SPOT". If you are interested I can get you more info on that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by H8TO WRK View Post
    Good questions, looking forward to hearing the answers, I have a gps but no idea how to pull the co-ordinats
    Excellent questions for sure! If I can be of any help with figuring out your GPS let me know!
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