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Thread: Child Seat in the back of my YJ

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    Child Seat in the back of my YJ

    So i have a daughter who is turning 1 year old, and its time to get her a forward facing seat, Now im aware that all forward facing seats in Canada require a tether strap.

    The Question, my YJ does not have any factory installed tether points or locations, How ever, the clip on the tether strap will clip on to the centre rings that hold the seat to the body, located at the centre of the back seat.

    My logic is if that's a strong enough point to hold 2 seat belts down with passengers during an accident, it should be strong enough to hold the child seat..

    Does the Law agree with me, If not, do I have any options for an older YJ?

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    My research seems to concur with your logic. I can't find anything to the contrary.

    I would go ahead and install the seat, then go to your local health unit. They generally have people trained to inspect child safety seats and can give you an idea if it is safe.

    The next best bet, would be to go to your local Police station, and there you can ask for the Community Services Officer (might be called something a little different with other Police Departments). They also are usually trained to inspect these types of installations.

    I hope this helps!
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