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Thread: Converter question

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    Converter question

    I know that you guys will know the answer to this. I have a 95yj 4.0 that I want to put back on the road. The catalytic converter puked its core a few years ago and I need a replacement to get it e-tested. Do I need a yj specific cat or can I get any old cat from the wreckers? What vehicles would be a match? I have the borla headers and cat back with 2.5" pipes if that matters

    Thanks in advanced :-)

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    last yj i had i took it to a speedy and for $160 all in they welded in a univ cat n it passed etest with flying colours
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    You won't get a used converter from the junk yard. They are worth good money for scrap. Just get a cheap generic 2.5" one from part source.

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    ^ x2.

    You can get a cheap converter for about 80$. Call napa or poon source. And put iT in yourself.
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