It seems as though Death Wobble is the single most inquired about issue on this site, so I decided to do a search and compile some threads into one place.

A quick ADVANCED search in "single content type" of "Death Wobble" netted these 50 threads (there was more, but I didn't include them all here) dating back to 2002. All of them say pretty much the same thing...

1. Check tie rod ends for play
2. Check drag link ends for play
3. Check track bar ends for play (front and rear)
4. Check control arm ends for play (front and rear)
5. Check that your steering stabilizer isn't blown
6. Check that shocks are not blown (front and rear)
7. Check steering box for play
8. Check pitman arm for play
9. Check all hardware for above mentioned items and ensure it is all tight
10. Check wheel bearings for play
11. Check brakes to ensure calipers are not seized
12. Check wheel/tire balance
13. Check tires for any abnormal bumps, cracks, or any other visible issues
14. Check alignment

By no means is the problem limited to just the items listed above, who knows, you may have some super rare death wobble that can't be cured by checking all of those items and replacing any of them that need attention.

If you can't find your answer in the info above or one of the threads below, by all means, post up...but PLEASE post up in this thread so your problem (and ultimate solution) can help others who have the same issue in the future.

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