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Thread: Is driving with ear plugs illegal?

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    Is driving with ear plugs illegal?

    Is driving with ear plugs illegal?

    I have heard that it is, and other times that it is OK. Any insight? Jeeps can be loud on long drives, and some ear plugs can make a big difference.


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    I have not seen any legislation that talks about earplugs being prohibited while driving. The ONLY thing I can come up with, is that you would still be required to pay due care and attention at all times, including possibly being able to hear the sound of a horn.

    Hope this helps!
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    ear plugs are almost a necessity for some people that spend all day driving short distance heavy trucks - fuel trucks, cement mixers etc - if they want to avoid long term hearing damage. - This is most pronounced in the drivers left ear as is closest to an often open window and noise.

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    The sound level in a carhauler from the metal racks rattling, wind noise and engine noise was above WSIB sound levels. We had the option of wearing ear plugs and were supplied by the company.

    When I worked nights I would wear ear plugs 20 hours a day, driving all night and sleeping all day.

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    My ex was allowed to drive, even though she was legally deaf. Just sayin....
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