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Thread: Tire Tread Depth Measurements

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    Tire Tread Depth Measurements

    if anyone has purchesed new tires, regardless of size or make or type and would like to contrubute to this thread please do so.

    all you need to do is take a measurement with a tire tread depth guage and post it up.


    type: goodyear
    model: mtr
    size: 37x12.50.17
    depth 21/32

    and its that simple.

    this will help all of us weather buying of selling tires to accuratly describe the amount of tread left.

    thank you for participating.

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    If you go to the you can look up pretty much any tire and get the factory tread depth. This is what I used when buying used tires.

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    So when you measure the tread depth do you use the wear bar as the bottom or not?
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    If i were to give a tread depth measurement I would give the actual measurement. If asked for it I could attempt to give a total useable measurement by attempting to find a wear bar closest to the shallowest tread area.

    IMO the whole point of asking for tread depth is to determine general wear so you can decide if it is worth making the drive to inspect first hand. I would never buy used tires without actually seeing it myself but i want to rule out stuff I know I am uninterested in before I make the effort and expense going to see them.

    As an added point if your misrepresent anything I have driven to buy don't think that just because I am there i will buy it anyway. I believe in being honest in making a sale no matter what end I am at. I have made a number of GREAT deals from equally great people here on JK. I have also dealt with a lot of clowns. Be honest and fair and your buyers hopefully will do the same.

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    most tires have the wear bar set at 4/32. Ontario Safety standards need a minimum of 2/32(bald) across the face of the tread to pass a safety inspection. Although i don't agree with the "bologna skin" tread depth of 2/32 as a licenced mechanic in this province, thats the standard that i have to follow when doing a safety

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