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Thread: Gauge Cluster

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    Gauge Cluster

    I have a couple questions about guage clusters and engine swaps.

    I currently have a 05 TJ 4.0L and am considering a newer GM V8 swap.

    When doing this engine swap would I be required to swap out the Jeep's gauge cluster?

    Would the GM ECM be compatible with the cluster?

    If cluster was swapped out how would "vehicle odometer" work?

    If the cluster was/has to be swapped out any suggestions on what to use?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You need to match the ECM communications with the cluster communications. A 2005 TJ uses PCI bus so any dodge/jeep PCI bus engine swap can use the OE cluster, if you preferred to use a CCD bus swap you can swap the cluster from an earlier TJ (pre 2002 if I remember correctly)by splicing the earlier connectors. I am not aware of any way to use non chrysler product and have the cluster function. I believe aftermarket gauges are your best bet.
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    why not drop in a 5.7 hemi its more plug and play
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    Staangs fab makes a replacement cluster that holds aftermarket gauges.. they did a 5litre swap.. used all autometer gauges. Speed/odometer was able to be recalibrated to your tire size. it was pretty cool

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