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Thread: J10 ghost start

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    J10 ghost start

    Ok, I'll try to explain this the best I can...

    I was having problems with my starter relay on my J10 truck at the end of last season - had to bash it with a hammer to get it to work while cranking the engine. I parked it over the winter and been too busy to do anything until now. I replaced the relay with a new one from Napa last weekend and the truck started up fine, mind you I had to jump the dead battery with a portable jumper. I came back up to the cottage this weekend with a new battery and I installed it, then like 10 seconds after the battery was hooked up the jeep started itself up on its own. I was in shock at first, but then after 10 seconds I jumped in the truck and tried to put the key in the ignition, which made the truck kinda rev higher, then it died. Now it won't start, like before when the starter relay was pooched. Any ideas what the heck happened?

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    That's pretty odd. Without the key turned your engine would have no power to run even if the starter solenoid somehow was shorted internally and allowed it to engage and turn the engine. There should be no sparc at the plugs so it never should have run for those ten seconds unless the starter was stuck engaged and just turning the engine over and over seeming like it was running. << would not sound right though. Then when you turned the key perhaps the plugs did get power and the engine tried to run but stalled due to the starter still being engaged???

    I would replace the starter as a first step or at least pull it out and test it. Then go from there.

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    maybe you need a witch doctor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BadCompany View Post
    maybe you need a witch doctor.
    lol I think we need to get you a witch doctor! I put up some photo's, did you see them?

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    Starter solenoid stuck or short?
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    Ignition switch on the steering column is bitched... Would be my guess.
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