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Thread: Booger Build

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    Top Notch. Nice to see I full off build loike this on JK. Keep at it with the next one! I really like the sheet work and the rear. Too bad I wanna keep mine to carry my kids around!!!
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    Having seen you in action with this Jeep, I can say it works great. Very nice work and hope to wheel with you again.

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    Really like this thing man, great work, keep the pics coming!
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    cut some of the grill/rad shell out and leaned the bottom out a couple inches so that the grill would sit lower in the frame and the hood would have more of a slant and everything would have a sportier look.

    i then had to make some spacers to lift the rad up 2" to clear the steering box and push it back 1.5" for the cap to clear the hood.

    patched up the firewall/fender areas.

    new pitman arm to help stop a binding problem in my steering.... didnt work out how i wanted btw, but its a sick peice.

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    need more pics for motivation hahah

    Well this winter is a bust for finishing build #2. Im trying to get motivated to continue on an build that started long before this rolled into my garage. seeing these pics helps abit to remind me what can happen when you put your mind to it.
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