As the title says, wife was sick of looking at my 91yj and told me to scrap it. I told her i could have it on the road by May 24! So she said ya right, you never finish anything you start around here, thats when the arguement started. Next Day i moved my jeep to my father inlaws who has givin me his shop till May. Bonus heat and a roof. So the challange is on.
My avitor shows what it looks like after 2.5yrs sitting in my driveway all covered up.
Heres what I got 91yj, have put in a 4" lift, rebulit motor, as old one had windows in the block, replaced almost the whole front steering and what i haven't will get done. Just bought a tub from r.d.a.
what are my plans beside finish it before may????????????????
Will post pix as i go and of some of the stuff i have already done.