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Thread: Speedo calibration and Speeding Tickets

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    Speedo calibration and Speeding Tickets

    I am asking this for a friend of mine who purchased a lifted JK on 35's, has a Procal so supposedly the speedo was recalibrated to match the tires. However he got tagged for 140 on the 401, when he had the cruise set at 110. He was "staying with the flow of traffic" too - lol. Would there be a reasonable chance to contest this ticket on this regard? I have clocked him in mine and it is in fact way out to lunch.
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    This is the type of question which I can't get involved in.

    I am going to lock the thread, and make a recommendation for you to PM Trafficticket on here. This would be a question more suited to his expertise!

    Thanks for understanding,

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