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Thread: how the heck do you get your spares up

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    Quote Originally Posted by igotafrigginjeep View Post
    Okay. Lets get back to some tech you whiney "my back hurts" bitches.

    I have seen aftermarket swing out carriers (I think Aberle makes them) that attach to the tailgate so they do not need a latch. Those carriers use a bracket bolted to the tailgate (where the factory spare mount would bolt up). The tire carrier is connected to that bracket with a link bar with rod ends. That setup allows the tailgate to be opened without first opening the swing out. As it opens the tire carrier swings away and is spaced from the tailgate by the link bar. Close the tailgate and the swing out closes with it.

    You would need a bumper of sorts (like the rubber bumper pads on a stock tailgate with factory mounted spares) that would hold the tire/swing out tight to the tailgate to prevent rattling/moving that could potentially damage the tailgate.

    And, to answer the weight support question, this style of swing out (as I saw on the Aberle) is supported completely by the hinge. A thought would be to mount the hinge in double shear to help support the weight.

    Another option, you could make the bottom horizontal tube of the swing out, the same as any other swing out and have a spot at the other end of the bumper that, when closed, the swing out would rest on, helping to support the weight.

    I was thinking the same thing!! good descriptions.
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    I have an Abelre aluminum carrier.
    Ecxellent product.
    But, I have had to struggle to lift the 37 MTR flat on to the tire carrier by myself.
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    This is a good post post especially for us more experience wheelers (older).
    My rear bumper and swing away is a home brew and a cheap way to make it
    easier is to weld a 6" pipe at the center of the wheel studs. This way you can rest
    the spare on the pipe first and then line up the wheel studs.
    Hope this helps.

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