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Thread: mild 350 carb or tbi

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeeper52 View Post
    Aparently some on here dont know how to performance tune a distributor . it can be done but youll have alot of custom time to spend with the jeep.
    Within the context of this discussion that is revolving around the TBI system in question, there is nothing to tune on this specific distributor other than clocking it to set intitial. The small cap GM HEI distributor with ESC does not have a mechanical advance - it is only electronically controlled. There are no springs or weights to change that will alter the timing curve.
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    Me too(feeling ornery) just recovering from kidney stones yesterday.
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    Re Distributor, just change it for an old style, coil in cap, or an aftermarket one. If firewall clearance is an issue, you can get an aftermarked one with an external coil. They are not expensive either way, and usually plentiful used, as are intake manifolds, at swap meets.
    First gen small blocks are almost all the same, as far as being able to swap year to year, heads, mainifolds etc, right up until the end of the Vortec. But they are getting a bit tough to find parts for at parts stores, as far as "off the shelf " goes.

    BTW, a swapped V8 into a Jeep takes it to a whole new level, as far as driveablity goes. I've done two of them, and wonder why they did'nt put 8's in them from the factory.
    I'd suggest you upgrade the brakes to the best you can find.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jeeper52 View Post
    Me too(feeling ornery) just recovering from kidney stones yesterday.
    Quote Originally Posted by pav1 View Post
    Thanks.....just feeling a little ornery today...backs acting up.
    LOL sounds like your suffering from

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