When I bought my Subaru, I told myself that I wouldn't work on it like I did the Jeep. I'll give it to the dealership and have them do the work... That was not a cheap decision (but then again, neither is owning a Jeep).

For whatever reason, one of my rear pads has been sticking and there is now only 2mm of pad left. The dealership quoted me something like $220 or $240 for new pads and machining of the rotor(s). I told them not to do the work, and that I would do it when I put my summers (technically, all-seasons) back on. This puts me in a position where I'll be doing this in the next month.

My options...

1. Upgrade Pads and Rotors all around (e.g. EBC rotors and pads)
Pros: I do the work once and not worry about it for a while. I'll be set for a while. Added braking capability always a plus.
Cons: Cost. Time to do the work. Cost... and it's expensive.

2. New Stock pads and machined rotors in the rear.
Pros: Lower Cost than option 1. Buys me time until a complete brake system upgrade.
Cons: Higher cost than option 3. Offsets the brake system upgrade. i.e. The fronts will need changing and the rears will be at 50%+ life

3. New stock pads in the rear (either one or both sides since pads are sold per axle, leave the rotors unmachined)
Pros: Lowest cost. Quickest repair. Should still outlast the fronts.
Cons: Shorter pad life without machining rotors.

If option 1 wasn't so damn expensive, I'd have made my decision already. So my question... Until I can find a cheaper version of option 1, can I get away with option 3?