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Thread: 2.5" rough country lift. vibration from rear driveshaft under power.

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    2.5" rough country lift. vibration from rear driveshaft under power.

    Hey guys just finished installing the 2.5 inch rough country suspension lift in our 06 TJ sport.
    Had a problem with the rear passenger shock mount bolts snapping that ended up getting resolved.

    I'm not overly concerned about this but I thought I would check to see if any one else has had the same issue...

    the lift is just coil springs and new shocks.

    After lifting the jeep I seem to have created a rear drive shaft vibration.

    Its particularly present when under medium to hard acceleration in late second gear, and early to mid third gear (6 speed manual). If I kick the clutch in the vibration stops.
    Before I did the lift I read up on lifts and apparently this is a common issue, and the way to resolve it is to get a new drive shaft and a slip yoke eliminator.

    just wondering if any one else has had this issue and would know how to resolve it.

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    I put a 2 " RC lift in my YJ . Same thing happened. Your drive shaft angle is affected by the lift causing the vibration. I fixed mine by dropping the transfer case an inch. There's spacer kits available to do it. It helps with the drive shaft angle and getting rid of the vibration

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