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Thread: Improper Mudguards

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    Improper Mudguards

    Is tires sticking out a chargeable offence known as "Improper Mudguards"? since there is no mention of oversize tires or tires sticking out in the Ontario Highway Traffic Act and Regulations.

    The Act says that the tires cannot be undersized; and the Regulation says that tires cannot be too narrow.

    "Improper Mudguards" and "No Mudguards" are listed as separate offences in the court's Set Fines document, both based on the same section of the Act.

    Furthermore, if tires sticking out is indeed chargeable as "Improper Mudguards", does this mean that the usual interpretation-based defenses against the charge of "No Mudguards" will also be available for tires sticking out?

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    Hi there, and thanks for utilizing the "Ask a SAVE Officer" forum.

    EDIT: I just realized you were the same person who created a thread asking about this a while back....

    I believe it was mentioned to you at that point, that I will not comment on anything that another Police officer has done.

    Thanks for understanding!
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