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Thread: Fibreglass Repair

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    Fibreglass Repair

    i,m trying to fix some rust on my truck over the wheel arches with fibreglass. How do I get the bend underneath to do the lip ? I think if I just tried to push it on there that gravity will make it fall down. I need to create an L shape.
    Also if I am fixing a hole,can i run the fibreglass cloth longer and tape it on . I wouldnt put the resin on the whole piece but leave some room to cut away the excess after it hardens.

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    Fibreglass Repair

    Fiberglass resin is sticky as hell. It won't peel and droop or drip unless you have WAY too much resin.


    Brush a thin layer of resin on the underside of the floor and stick the glass to it. Then add and dab in more resin as needed with the end of a stuff paint brush. IF mixed properly and not applied excessively it will be fine.

    Any dry or extra glass can be ground off with a flap disk AFTER its dry. Cutting wet glass is futile and a good way to ruin scissors.

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    Heres a trick I do with Carbon fibre as the fibre weave is Much more delicate. Clean the surface and spray some adhesive spray. You can then lay the glass onto the truck and it will sit and stay exactly where you place it. A poor mans version would be to brush resin on first, let it tack then lay the glass on it achieving the same result.

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    Fibreglass Repair

    For big gaps and holes or corners that are going to sag this is a poor mans trick to get you going.

    If you have perfect flat or 90 deg you can lay it up on wax paper on a bench or shape to form the glass. Remove the wax paper before its rock solid but completely firm. You can cut whatever size you need out of it after its dry with a decent set of scissors

    Apply only enough resin to barely wet the cloth. A squeegee for body filler would work to distribute.
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    I have only used fiberglass on a couple little projects but I found that if you work with large gaps and or 90 degree angles, ive used masking tape and has worked great. you just have to make sure you apply the fiberglass resin to the STICKY side of the masking tape. When the fiberglass resin starts to set, just peel the tape off and you should be left with a workable surface for more resin applications or even fiberglass sheeting to be added. hope this helps!

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